Johannes Anyuru (Sweden)

Johannes Anyuru is a poet and novel writer living in Stockholm, who made his debut in 2003 with the critically acclaimed collection of poems Det är bara gudarna som är nya (Only The Gods Are New). His novel En storm kom från paradise (A Storm Blew in Paradise), published in 2012, is based on the life of Anyuru’s father. It received raving reviews, the #1 spot on the critic’s lists as well as being awarded and nominated for several prestigious awards. Anyuru’s poems and novels are very personal, reflecting the death of a close friend and the life of his father in Uganda among other essential life events. Besides writing poems and novels, Anyuru has worked with spoken word as a part of the group Broken Word, and he has also written the play Försvaret (Defence) together with Aleksander Motturi. His talent and work has made him one of the most well-known Swedish authors.